Common Water Animals (Information Graphics)

A practical infographic sheet that helps you to identify, learn and remember the typical looks, marking and habit of animals that live in and by the water (fishes, reptilia and amphibia), such as fire salamander, grass frog, tree frog, yellow-bellied toad, pike, warty newt, river trout, mirror carp, common roach, wels catfish, crayfish, terrapin, ring snake and eel.

I’ve drawn the animals according to briefings from Niedersächsische Landesforsten, and they were first published as a children’s poster in their »Waldstück« magazine.

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Client: NLF; Briefing: Stephan Averbeck; Art Direction and Design for the kid’s poster: Christian Talla

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Iris Luckhaus
Freelance Illustrator + Designer (MoD) Wuppertal / Berlin, Germany