Wheel chair design
Wheel chair design
Wheel chair design
Wheel chair design
Table clock
Playful Furniture
Washing machine
Lap saver - When we have too much of work ,we sit anywhere and start working on our laptop to finish off the task ASAP.Having it on our lap does not allow air to circulate and makes it heated up even faster.For the users it can burn the skin exposed to it along with jeopardizing the ability to have children(for men).So its better to keep away the laptop from the exposed body cell.
video game
MP3 player - Its not always easy to carry an i-pod or an MP3 player specially when our both hands are engaged.In that case we generally keep the player in pocket or we clip it on our shirts etc which restricts the visibility of the screen.Using the top part of the hand which is unused can sort out the problem.Now we can play whatever we want as the screen is also visible moreover its very stylish and trendy
i-phone cover
Electric furnace
Flower stand and photo frame
Parking bench and egg case
Game design-Disney's Aladdin
Stezor= Stapler+scissor
Product design
Avik Ghosh
M.Des in Industrial design New Delhi, India