Alice and The Queen of Hearts Doll Set - Fairytale Collection

(Temp designer- I had designed the Red Queen's crown. I have help design new patterns on dress. Picked out new fabrics, colors, and construction for this doll line of outfits. I did the control drawings for sculpted PVC items. I am one of the two designers helping on this project, there is a main senior designer and manager giving out directions.)

SRP - $129.95
- Global Limited Edition of 6000
- Includes Certificate of Authenticity
-Set of two Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Dolls*
- Alice wears an exquisite floral patterned dress
- Satin apron features elegant floral embroidery with shimmering gems, plus delicate lace trim
- The Queen's knife-pleated collar boasts ornate golden lace
- Heart-shaped bodice features an ornate embroidered floral pattern with rhinestone accents
- Delicate embroidery and gems ornament the Queen's skirt
- Includes heart-shaped scepter
- Gem set crown
- Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Judy Liu
Product/ Toy Designer Temple City, CA