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Yamaha "Hawk" Scooter - Moto-Scooter with Motorcycle like fuel tank between the legs for the right racy riding feeling. Photoshop, Painter, Wacom
Donkervoort B.V.Concept - Quick sketch visualisation of possiblie direction for new styling of Donkervoort Car for U.S.export "D-ROD". Made for Donkervoort Automobielen BV. 2004.
Wacom and Painter
Nokia Bluetooth Headset - Clip-on Bluetooth Headset for glasses/sunglasses. Fits on most glasses on the market. Flexible earplug cord. Very comfortable to wear. For Nokia Mobile Phones
2001. Concept Development, Design, and Modelmaking.
Italjet "Q" scooter - "Q" is based on a technology platform from the production model Italjet Formula 50.
"Q" is targeted to another consumer segment (target-group) than the Formula 50 model
Autumn 1999/Spring 2000. Concept generation, design and full-size model by A.Wrede
Donkervoort DV-R - Quick Sketch. Suggestion of possible (alternative) design direction for Donkervoort Automobielen BV's new development model.
Donkervoort is a small car factory in the Netherlands manufacturing enthusiast sports-cars only on customer order.
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