Precis Velo Core Trainer - Developed for a physical therapist specializing in bicycle core training. User kneels on an exercise ball and works it on the curved surface which can be set at different angles for varying difficulty.
Roameo Charging Unit - SolidWorks surfaced assembly of Roameo Batter Charger. Bottom & Top clam shell enclosures with plated bezel.
Wired / COBRA Security Scanning System - COBRA system featured in Wired Magazine
Pro/Engineer model of COBRA scanner. Model used for composite pattern and mold fabrication. AXN-RXN/Brooks Stevens/Analogic
EvenFlo Ellipsa Stroller - Pro/E model of stroller for EvenFlo. AXN-RXN/Brooks Stevens/EvenFlo
Janitorial Cart - Johnson Diversey - Rotationally-Molded cart with blow-molded supports. AXN-RXN/Brooks Stevens/Johnson Diversey
Janitorial Cart - Pro/E Model - Pro/Engineer model used for rotational and blow molding patterns. AXN-RXN/Brooks Stevens/Johnson Diversey
Product Development
Karl Biewald, PE
Product Engineer Brooklyn, NY