Sculpture SolidWorks Model - System was designed in SolidWorks and structural analysis was done in COSMOS.
A few days in - STUK Art Center, Leuven, Belgium - Cars advance towards each other at .005"/min via a hydraulic ram & cart system. This picture is taken four days into the event.
Side View - Hydraulic Reducer Mechanism and Crash - Another view of the piece on display at STUK Art Center.
Progress Photo - Jonathan Schipper's Shop - Cart and rail fabrication in Jonathan's shop. I lived right next to this room for a few months in Brooklyn, NY. Lathe, Mill, and weldment work.
Hydraulic Reducer System - The hydraulic reducing system depicts the slowing of time from the ordinary to the super-slow motion of the sculpture. The input shaft from the electric motor spins at 1000rpm at the beginning of the timing chains and is reduced to one-half of an RPM at the output. The output eccentric shaft operates a hydraulic pump that drives the large cylinders at .005"/minute.
Slow Inevitable Death Leuven
Karl Biewald, PE
Product Engineer Brooklyn, NY