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Wintry dream - Watercolor on scratchy base
With the Stars - gouache on paper
In desert lonely - Pencil on paper
Happiness in the fall - children illustraton,colour pencil and pen
Butterfly and me
Fish behind the window
Endless night
Something for You! - Marker on paper
Secretary night - Children illustration , Scratch on oil pastel base
Portrait of myself - wood gravering
Immaculate dream
Similar Sense - Digital Imagery

Smelling a flower I become a butterfly...
Heaven in Fall-

Watercolor and ink.Its a personal project.
-Without Escape

-Mixed media and collage
-Personal project/2013
-Under The Rain Stars
-Personal project/Gouach and ink
Fancied Portrait-Illustration
Pencil on paper
Azadeh Qasimi(Ghasimi)
Illustrator and Graphic designer Shahroud, Iran