Miyabi Art Basel Miami Beach Project logo concept #2

Miyabi is a Fine Art Event, that will take place in Museum Park December 5th, 2015 during Art Basel Miami Beach and Miami Art Week 2015. The Miyabi experience will feature 4 levels of audience participation/involvement: Air, Earth, Water and Fire members. The project is currently in progress. This is one of the first concepts presented to the production management. The logo is a combination of 4 elements, which symbolizes the circular motion and forms one unit, and at the same time elements can be allocated separately. The task was to create easy to print simple logo representing all 4 elements, using only Miyabi kanji (character) without mentioning the actual name Miyabi. Miyabi is the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideal that embodies the elimination of the absurd or vulgar, as such involves the polishing of manners, diction, and feelings to eliminate all roughness and crudity so as to achieve the highest grace.

Anastasia Ziemba
Graphic & Packaging Designer Miami Beach, FL