Final design rendering befor Clay model start.
CAD frame design and final frame.
ZES III - Clay model and build up
3/4 Front view of the first ZES III
ZES III 3/4 rearview
APFCT ZES III (Zero Emision Scooter)

ZES III (Zero Emision Scooter 3 - For APFCT design and build of two Fuel Cell Scooters.
APFCT is an American company that develops fuel-cell systems.
For this I was project leader, responsible for design, frame engineering, model building and assembly, This was all done in Holland. These scooters are designed build from ground-up to two working and usable prototype.
The first was presented at the Intermot motor show (Munich, Germany) in September 2002.

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Bart van den...
Senior Designer at BRP Sherbrooke, Canada