Build by BOX6 (Schmiddy and me) as private project to make the 80's Honda FT500 more Street-Tracker.
For this we shortened the rear frame, made a new tailpiece out of aluminium.
A new sporty mask, also made out of aluminium, Cleaned up the side by removing the air box and relocating the battery and electrics.
The front was shortened using Honda parts and new fully adjustable shocks where added.
As the motor was not moved for over 15 years we took it apart, took out the balancer shafts, cleaned up the ports and made a new Stainless-steel header set with e-mark muffler to get it all legal in Germany

The total build took about 500 hours, mostly done in the winter of 2014-15.
The Orangina was finished in August 2015.

Pictures taken by me in the Netherlands.

Bart van den...
Senior Designer at BRP Sherbrooke, Canada