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Awesome allover tee design for the Threadless > Space Age Contest.
A bestseller style iron man Halloween-costume inspired design, in a look of a futuristic future space suit.
Very fancy experimental all over fashion.A mirrored geometric graphic design low poly hdr pattern. In the colors
of tony Starks iron man suit. Definitely Stark Industries approved. It would be a awesome gift for Christmas for all Movie, Marvel, Iron Man, Comic, Avengers, Robot Suit Costume fans.

It has the best transformer action movie style on a T-shirt ever made. If ^^.
It would be also super cool cloth for all Halloween freaks that need the best Halloween Costume Cloth / T-Shirts. In all the way a fancy abstract fashion tee.

I'm really not sure what i should think about this experimental next level Sublimation Tee Print (a must have for the space age & you are ready for the universe). Any critique and comments / sharing are very welcome. Super cool space suites looking costume style T-Shirt.
and lift off

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Freelance, Full-time
Philipp Rietz
Student Saalfeld, Germany