NEED UR HELP! Artist Designed @MightyWallets #Thin #Strong #Green

NEED UR HELP! Artist Designed @MightyWallets #Thin #Strong #Green

The aweome dude from the Mighy wallets > LINK
has started a kickstarter campaign to double the commitment to the Artist Collective by getting these 10 artist's Mighty Wallet designs produced and into stores.

In 2013 Dynomighty launched the Artist Collective, an open platform for artists all over the world to create the next cool Tyvek® Mighty Wallet.

Artist’s receive between 10-15% for every design sold and get the chance to go into full production and get sold to our network of wholesale buyers and stores in the US and beyond.
Help us produce 10 NEW Artist Collective Mighty Wallets ... and add NEW Tyvek® Wallet formats to Artist Collective



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Freelance, Full-time
Philipp Rietz
Student Saalfeld, Germany