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Update to the REGAL Organic Therapy logo done in March 2019.
Black version of the REGAL logo.
Earthchild is the brainchild (no pun intended) of my good friend and colleague Lani Edgehill, and focuses on Kids Yoga classes and family retreats. This logo was developed in early 2018. Here's the horizontal version.
And here's the stacked version. You can follow her on Facebook here - https://bit.ly/2kVenu2
This logo was originally developed for a friend in the UK who wanted to develop a website aimed at showing people where to do Salsa and other specific dancing in and about London. The website never came to fruition unfortunately.
Initial concepts for the WhereToDance logo.
The Organic Growers & Consumers Association (OGCA) are a local NGO that aims to provide Barbadians with quality local organic food, and also raise awareness and demand for such. I worked with the organisation back in 2016 to design their new logo. Here's the stacked version.
Horizontal version of the OGCA logo.
Castlefield Investments are offshore investment brokers based in Barbados. This logo and subsequent branding was developed back in 2014.
Branded Microsoft Powerpoint template for Castlefield.
Logo & branding developed back in 2014 for Rapson's Maintenance Services.
RMS vehicle branding visual.
RMS sandwich board artwork.
Branding developed back in 2012 for my good friend Jason Millington. Here's the full-colour version of the logo.
All white version.
Logo Development (Misc.)

Branding is one of the most overlooked, yet highly important aspects of any business or venture.

Here are some of the branding projects I've worked on over the years.

Freelance, Full-time
Nicolas Sobers
Creative Designer Bridgetown, Barbados