The cover for the latest SFB brochure.
Facebook cover photo following the 2019 theme of 'Food for Change'.
Promotional flyer for the fundraising event SFB held earlier this year at 111 East in Speighstown, St. Peter.
Part of a series of four (4) interactive signs to engage and educate the public about the invasive dangers of plastic and it's effects on people and the environment.
Pocket Sustainable Seafood Guide developed by Nikola Simpson for Slow Fish Barbados (an initiative of SFB) to help consumers make better informed choices when purchasing seafood locally.
Seafood Guide outside spread.
Seafood Guide inside spread.
Promotional flyer for SFB's 'Ciné Cuisine' event held as part of the 2019 Barbados Independent Film Festival (BIFF). You can also view the Food Waste Tips video I produced for the event here -
One of four (4) signs designed for the featured Chefs for the event. The other Chefs were Alisha Dawn-Stoute, Moo de Gruchy and Chelston Sampson.
Photo from the Ciné Cuisine event showing the video backdrop designed for the event.
T-shirt design conceived with SFB co-founder Ian McNeel to help raise awareness on the negative effects of single-use plastic on the environment and deter usage. T-shirt front
T-shirt back.
View of SFB's setup at an Ocean Hospitality event at Copabana in 2018 showing the 2017-18 SFB brochure and other supporting materials I designed.
Photo of SFB's setup at La Cabane in Batts Rock for Terra Madre Day (December 10th, 2018) showing some items I've designed over the years for various events. Photo Credit - Gayle Seale
Another photo from Terra Madre Day 2018 showing some of the banners I've designed for SFB over the years.
Large indoor sign designed in 2017 to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic in our oceans as part of a collaboration between Plastic Oceans Trust, Slow Fish/Slow Food Barbados, Be The Change and Sheraton Centre.
Design & layout in 2017 of a Composition Notebook for a collaboration between Plastic Oceans Trust, Slow Fish/Slow Food Barbados and Be The Change. It was aimed at educating the younger generation about the issues regarding plastic in our oceans. Notebook cover.
Notebook inside cover.
Notebook back inside cover with local Recycling Directory.
Notebook back cover.
Facebook Event Cover Photo for SFB's 'Sorrel & Prosecco' Brunch event held to celebrate Terra Madre Day 2019.
Digital flyer designed to promote the same event.
Slow Food® Barbados

Slow Food® Barbados (SFB) is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve health, food security and sustainability across the island.

The Barbados chapter was founded in 2011 and from late 2012 until early 2019 I was responsible for developing all print & digital marketing material for the organisation an it's affiliates.

Here are some samples of the work done over the years.

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Nicolas Sobers
Creative Designer Bridgetown, Barbados