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Fastrack Watch Collection 2005 - Bonding, groups , and what binds young boys together .... Cars, bike, trends, fitness, movies, games, army, tattoo..we have captured all this in out boys collection . Amazing shapes, attention to details, innovation in material, cost challange, all of this has made a mark on each watch. This collection is well balanced between two contradictory values like provoctive and yet sensitive. .The contemporary interpretation of themes makes this collection stands apart.Through out entire design process, there was a user interaction and insights came out of those interactions has led the design direction..
LIFEthings - Abhijit Bansod is a quirky designer who thinks not just out of the box, but out of the whole carton. His products are prisms to a whimsical wit and a love of surprise, but they also conjure pain and emotion. They escape the Pandora's box of mere functionality to beautifully reveal stories and poems…and interact with their users, heightening creativity and imagination.

Lifethings is Abhijit's newest collection of lifestyle accessories. Of things that have unique identities of their own, inspired, naturally, by life. That talk to us, not just about us. That short of getting up and shaking our hands can do everything else in the communications business. Take us into the past (memory), work in the present (functionality) and illuminate the future (imagination). With a simplicity of mood and a cheerfulness of design, make us laugh and teach us to feel.

Enter the world of recyclable paper pens and PVC lamps that change according to your mood; acrylic 'urlis' and snail- shaped cellotape dispensers; vases that look like cheese and pet dinosaurs that adorn your desk; a family tree of photos, and a beautiful acrylic and glass chessboard. All priced between Rs 100-7500/-

Lifethings is an attempt to locate a space where there is fusion of Indian and hand crafts, recycled and reused materials and high precision industrial production processes. Inspired by people, nature and everyday situations. Invoking memory. Interpreting contemporary culture in an inimitable and rather eccentric way.
future by abhijit bansod - In our day to day life, we need to take some time out and think of future and anticipate where we are heading ? It is important to revisit our past, and apply our leaning to our future to ensure more secure life for all of us and harmony with mother nature. Its enriching to look at our heritage and see how it is useful to us in today’s context. This journey of visualizing future is amazing. Inspirations are drawn from trends, technology, new political situation, material, need or simply user and these insights extrapolated from these inspirations are illustrated in the 3D form or new process.
watch packaging
outdoor clocks -
The SAIL clock installed at the Carter Road Promenade, Mumbai , takes the form of sail . It looks like sail got stuck on land . This innovative and contemporary sail shaped structure houses a clock on its extension on top. The surface is well finished and reflects light without ant distortion.
Ambient and spot lights are placed strategically illuminate the structure in different colors at night to present a stunning spectacle for the eyes. Astute placement of mood lights on bushes further complement the beauty of the structure
Sail clock has definitely created a land mark on Carter road, without disturbing the nature.
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