Art 4 kids Mixed Media/Textile Sculpture Soft Cloth Design. Size: 2 blocks each 4 x 4 x 4 " /10 x 10 x 10 cm Illustrations : colored pencils
Photo of Exhibition: Blocks, Book, Coloring /Activity Book (samples, dummy) for ongoing/new project.
Coloring Page, Coloring /Activity Book in progress, more upon request. Licensing? Publisher? Idea. Books, Toys, Games for all "Cultures" /Cities
My TRAVEL GUIDE KOREA, 2004 UNIQUE SOFT CLOTH BOOK Illustrations: tempera, colored pencils
Domino, for Kids made of textiles, soft design with wadding filling
Domino Game or Memory Game made of cardboard, textiles, coated (waterproofed) paper, etc.
My Travel Guide , Toy / Picture Book

Independent Art / Design Project & DESIGN VARIATIONS
Concept / Design / Illustration
"My Travel Guides" are inspired by our world cultures. The main idea is a practical, comfortable & easy-to-handle soft cloth design for babies-toddlers. The narrative toys force creativity, memory, and the ability to recognize things.
Kids enjoy playing & to tell stories about their own and foreign cultures and trips they made.

"My Travel Guides”

COLORING BOOK - new and more illustrations- in progress.
Interest in Collaboration/Publisher/Toy Company/Design Agency
Customized Design

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Freelance, Full-time
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Design, Visual Art, Illustration Bremen, Germany