our world culture(s) Art 4 Kids Mixed Media/Textile Sculpture Soft Cloth Design Size: each block 7 x 7 x 7 cm
4 Blocks / Art 4 Kids Rights and Protection Education Society Sustainability The 4 blocks of the soft textile sculpture “our world culture (s)” are created in the style of the well- known block puzzles and visualize and discuss the right and protection of children, the subject education, the rules and institutes of a society and the subject sustainability. This artwork belongs to the serial art 4 kids and is a creative and colourful provocation, questioning our state of world - for a better future. The 4 Cubes motivate to explore our world culture(s) playfully and creatively, our traditions and our environment. The cubes are also supporting the idea of physical and mental activation.
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ART 4 KIDS Mixed Media: Soft sculpture /Textiles/ picture book, Size: 14 x 14 cm Year Created: 2007 What time is it ? Climate Change? Time for Change! Time of/for globalization, necessity of humanity (children´s rights), love and justice, saving our nature (animals, environment, plants, food). Time for saving our globe (air, water, earth, universe), re-design and re-cycling, necessity of discussion about art, literature, history, creativity, synthesis of art and design, traditions and discussions with other nations: A new children`s picture book!
our world culture (s) - sustainability

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