Nick Jr. Christmas Magazine - I made this magazine cover for Graphic Design class. Needed to redesign a cover and make it look realistic using someone we know, so I used our youngest daughter as my model.
Son's football team..The Cardinals 2008 - This is a piece that I made for my son. I made it into an 18x24 poster and gave it to him for Christmas. It was unique because I put in his birthday, his graduation date, and his friend as well.
Daughter's favorite band - This is a poster I made for our daughter. I made it into an 18x24 and gave it to her for Christmas. I made it unique because I added the dates she went to see their concerts. I also made it into Irish colors because she loves Ireland.
Diva Birthday Invitation - This is an invitation I made for our youngest daughter. She wanted a Diva Star party, so, since she actually met and took a picture of Taylor Swift, I wanted to add this to the invites. I also made backstage passes where the guests were to wear these to the party and get their pictures added onto the backside.
Unique Badge a minit buttons! - I went to my favorite singer's concert to meet him and wanted to make something special to wear. You can't buy buttons like these because no one is selling these, so I made my own with appropriate fonts and pictures! Sorry...can't sell them without the written permission of the singers...Luke Bryan or Wade Bowen.
Magazine remake - We needed to remake a magazine cover of our choice. I chose PEOPLE magazine Country Editon.
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Barb Kelly
Freelance Graphic Designer Bolingbrook, IL