Tension - School work - UCF - My theme for this sculpture was sail ships and Norwegian shipping traditions. The assignment was "Tension" and I saw that in the tight ropes holding the sails on a sail ship. (c) 2001
3 = 1 - Wood, clay & plaster - Norwegian fjords and mountains - School work - UCF Using the defined materials, I created an non-representational piece of Norwegian glacier covered mountains, reaching down towards the fjords. The clay represent a bridge between land and water. (c) 2001
Repeating shapes - Paper - Norwegian fjords & mountains - School work - UCF (c) 2001
Repeating shapes - Paper - Norwegian fjords & mountains - (c) 2001
"Batteries Not Included" - SkyCraft - $10 - School work - UCF -Assignment was to create a sculpture using only supplies bought at SkyCraft, Orlando, FL for no more then $10. A working sculpture made of Styrofoam board, Plexiglas, colored wires, fiber optics, LEDs, AA battery holder, an electric switch and some non-working circut boards. The sculpture lights in the dark with working LEDs and fiber optics. (c) 2001
Replica 2 transformation. - School project - Pick an object, then recreate an exact working replica in white cardboard: Representational Then make an non-representational using matching elements from the original object. Then create an abstract sculpture, twisting the parts from the original object. Final, create an conceptual piece, based on the original object. I had head phones, so I made a piece to represent how the music industry is all about money, crushing the individualist. (c) 2001
Twisted head phones - abstract - An abstract representation of head phones made in white cardboard. (c) 2001
Transformation - School project - pick two objects and make an eight step transformation from one object to the other using clay. (c) 2001
Bård R. Gunnerud
3D Generalist / Head of Studies & Assistant professor /... Furnes, Norway