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Now available on the Apple Store
Attached to a keyboard
Plugging in the MIDI connector.
Early stage concept development sketches
Development sketches showing early form, color and material options.
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puc wireless MIDI connection for Zivix

The puc provides musicians with a wireless connection between anything with a MIDI output (electronic pianos, keyboard controllers, DJ controllers and drum machines) and the iPad universe of synthesizer and music creation apps. I developed the form and mechanical layout, and specified electromechanical components and materials. I directed mechanical engineering and worked with molding and contract manufacturing to ramp up to full production. Perimeter grip ring is Santoprene, as are the power button and base. The gloss surfaces are hard-coated ABS/PC. The single power button features crisp tactile feedback combined with a soft surface feel. Inadvertent shut-off is prevented since the button is recessed. The Santoprene bottom surface is non-skid, and an easy 1/4 turn is all it takes to get at two AA batteries.

Client - Zivix

Project Lead, Design Lead - Dave Barnard

Industrial Designer - Dave Barnard

Mechanical Designer - Art Tombers

Project Manager - Dave Barnard

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
David Barnard
Industrial Designer, Product Development Manager Saint Paul, MN