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Composite of my 3d renderings - Page shows 3d renderings I created on my Softimage 3d software system. Some projects I was just the renderer and some I had total design control from concept to rendering
Floor Merchandiser MDF and Vac Formed Header
Store-in-Store Toys R Us Times Square - Shows my infinite capabilities - if the needed item is an exhibit - I design it -while I am not an "exhibit designer" I have done up to 2 and 1/2 acres of exhibits (Hilton- entire floor for POPAI in 1968 and 1969. Rather than put me in a "box", let me design "out-of-the box".
Caribou Experimental Animation
Vacuum Formed Pole Spectacular - Vacuum Formed Crown Royal Chair replica
Wood Floor Merchandiser with Laser Etched Elements - My 3d rendering of barrel based wood fixture with corbeled wood shelf syupports and laser engraved wood 3d header
Two 3d Vacuum Formings - From one piece POP vacuum forming to whole categories to wholes stores
Barry Waldman
Freelance 3d POP and Store Designer Canton, GA