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Request for proposal from National Blues Museum. I was responsible for creative direction, image selection, digital art creation and design execution in this RFP. I have a love for music so this particular project was special to work on.
I used Photoshop to give each image the same vintage color and style. I also created custom brushes within the program to give the imagery a unique look.
It was proposed that Tuesdays become "Bluesdays" for the National Blues Museum and that FH would develop a calendar throughout the year to promote the Museum. I created the visual above as a high-level way to show what channels FH would leverage to broadcast this calendar to the public.
Sheet music, adhesive tape scans and original vector art was used to give additional interest to the visuals throughout this RFP.
Request for proposal from Farm Credit Services of America. This was an extensive RFP that once completed was nearly 100 pages long. I was responsible for design, image selection, page layout and photoshop work for this particular deliverable.
I also executed extensive Photoshop work on this RFP. This image is actually 6 different images combined to convey the urban garden messaging on the previous page.
RFP Collection

As part of the new business team at FleshmanHillard, I was able to use my creative talents to help this public relations & digital marketing agency win some excellent accounts during my time there. We worked under tight deadlines and always provided highly designed assets no matter the request.

Bo Cook
Art Director/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Product Designer St. Louis, MO