Nike Wing

This project was all about pushing what is possible. We were tasked with elevating modern sport and empowering athletes with higher levels of functionality in a never seen before aesthetic for the 2016 Rio Olympic games. We partnered with track and field olympians and optics leader, Carl Zeiss, to change what is possible with eyewear design. We took the foundational component of eyewear, the lens, and pushed it to become the frame. One thing we heard numerous times from athletes is they want zero distractions. A flexible silicone strap was integral to the design in order to create a secure fit so athletes could focus on the event and not their eyewear. With this project, we created new manufacturing technologies that allowed us to create a frame with a secure fit and superior optics and coverage in a brand new aesthetic for modern performance eyewear.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Carl Allen
Industrial Designer - Eyewear Expert, Wearable Tech New York, NY