Folding business card - This is a card and logo design for a performance artist and body painter. Her work focuses on women’s issues and female power. The “swirl” logo was inspired by an image she saw in a dream. The die-cut “hourglass” shape alludes to yin and yang when closed and a woman’s waist and hips when open.
Siwen Ag Identity system - Siwen Ag is a Swiss consulting firm focused on healthcare projects & scientific data visualization. Their eclectic abilities needed a cohesive image to quickly communicate their areas of core competence. Siwen Ag specializes in connecting people to resources to ensure success. The concept of connection served as the basis for the identity design. The final design solution transforms the Swiss cross into a system of fiducials (commonly used in both the medical and scientific fields) which are used as a grid for the page layout. A playful orange cross dots the “I” and reappears to emphasize the contact info.
Eight year anniversary card - This card was designed for my anniversary. My wife and I have a great relationship that defies description, so I was at a loss for words after eight wonderful years together. My solution was to play with the number 8, turning it into a question mark and then tilting it on its side to become an infinity symbol. Needless to say , it was quite well received.
Siwen AG website design - For the Siwen AG website, the theme of “connections everywhere” was expanded using background images that formed visual crosses relating to the info on the page
Stealth Auto Package Design - Packaging system for a specialty aftermarket automotive company. The package uses orthographic "x-ray" views of the bulbs in lieu of clear "windows" to minimize cost.