The subject of my thesis comes from my will to provide an alternative to traditional production systems. Since the beginning, my research led me to Fab Labs and Open Source: in other words, the localisation of production and the consumer involvement in such a process.
From these starting points it comes XMADE: a ‘’glocal manufacturing system‘’ aimed to produce customizable furniture pieces through a combination of 3D CAD/CAM softwares and parametric geometry management systems.
The service is based on a website giving to users the possibility to customize - by many parameters - the “open source objects” which are available in that very moment, and then download files ready to be processed by one of the Fab Labs belonging to the XMADE network, where the object is finally manufactured.
The first piece to be developed was “CADrega”: a chair which varies upon individual body measurements.
It’s the only one available now, but it will be joined soon by a desk and other objects.

Beatrice Barozzi
designer Valdobbiadene, Italy