Business for Design & Branding Identity

Create and design a business as well as its branding Identity.

The company I created is Kameleon.
Kameleon is a Furniture Design Firm that specializes in affordable convertible furniture design.
What we do is provide the client with a computer rendering model that he/she designed or that we as a company have designed for them according to their specifications and requirements using advance technology, Design Programs and in some cases a scaled 3D printing-working prototype.

For the Branding Identity a handbook was created with the following purpose.

This handbook will help you to familiarize yourself with the brand identity of Kameleon.
It will also aid you on how to create and maintain an original and appropriate visual style, as well as achieving a strong brand identity and recognition
In order for it to fully work the guidelines listed in the book must be fully and properly followed.

I did this project from beginning to end. ending in 2 books of over 30 pages each.

Beatriz Reachy
Industrial Designer, Design for communication London, United Kingdom