Mexicayotl a Brand

Choosing my final project was probably one of the hardest decisions I had to make during my masters program. I knew that this project should reflect who I am as a designer, and highlight my abilities,

That’s why I decided to do this project about the most important part of me.
Therefore I started by asking my self the single most important question. Who am I? And the answer was quite simple.
I am a Mexican woman who is proud of her roots and her country.
Out of that short answer is how my project came to life, by highlighting three words- Woman, Mexican, and Roots.

Mexicayotl as my final project is focused on the Aztec women that produce soaps and was initially an awareness campaign, that later turned into the brand of a product as well as a campaign.
Mexicayotl is a project that I can say it expresses who I am as a designer.
Mexicayotl is a brand, a campaign and a product launch, that involves my culture, and my Mexican roots as a Mexican woman.

Beatriz Reachy
Industrial Designer, Design for communication London, United Kingdom