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Armoire 1
Armoire 1
Armoire 2
Armoire 2
Fiber Chair - Fiber Chair is made from molded paper fiber.
Made from recycled pre and post consummer waste.
The molded paper fiber shell is attached to the tubular metal base. The shell contains a cushion for the seat and back.
Fiber Chair
Time Tube Alarm Clock - The Time Tube is a bedroom alarm clock with unique features that will change the way we interact with them.
Typically bedroom alarm clocks aren’t actively used for most of the day. They are used when going to bed and waking up. That is why the Time Tube features a shut –off mode that activates after 45 minutes of non-use. This will save energy while Time Tube is not being used.

Time Tube Alarm Clock - The Time Tube has a WWVB atomic clock receiver that auto-syncs with the current time via a radio signal when the clock is turned on. With this feature you could unplug the clock to save energy without worrying about resetting the time when you turn it back on.

The clock has internal sensors that react to rolling the clock back and forth. Roll back to turn on, and deactivate alarm. Roll forward to set alarm, and set snooze.

Time Tube Alarm Clock - -Made with PET recyclable plastic.
-Internal sensors eliminate the need for buttons and give the user a new, intuitive way of interacting with the alarm clock.
-Cardboard container and molded paper fiber packaging are recyclable. The insert paper fiber shell holds the clock and cord securely, reducing the amount of material need for packaging.
-Incorporates product take-back by including a prepaid return label for user to send back to company for proper recycling and disposal.
Collar Chair - The Collar Chair is made from plywood with a Walnut veneer, two faux leather cushions, and a four leg metal base that swivels. The seat and the back are the same piece, which helps cut manufacturing costs.
With the Collar Chair I wanted to create the presence of a big chair without a lot of material. The front is wide but then tapers toward the back. Using the same form of the seat, the back helps to create a bold and powerful presence, like that of an executive chair.
Collar Chair
Folding Coffee Table - This folding table is designed to increase product life span by adapting to changes in living requirements. Folds flat to save on space and shipping.
Truss Table - Core77.com One Hour Design Challenge entry.
The truss table requires no hardware. The glass top simply slides through the legs and is supported by its own weight.
One Piece Coffee Table - Coffee table designed to be constructed of one piece of metal. The way it is cut and bent forms the legs and cavity between glass top and metal.
One Piece Coffee Table - Coffee table designed to be made of one piece of metal. The way it is cut and bent forms the legs and cavity between glass top and metal.
In the Round - Made of roto-molded plastic, this table is ideal for outdoor use and indoor use as well. Designed to be used with a tall house plant placed in the center. Gives the table a unique look and natural shade.
Simply Bent - Designed to be manufactured and constructed with ease. Plywood seat with laminate and metal legs.
3D Modeling Projects
Blair Buchanan
Freelance Designer Moorestown, NJ