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Remy Martin Remake - This project required me to replicate a 2d magazine ad into a 3d model using traditional model making techniques.
Remy Martin Remake - Final model for two ads. One is a clear cast resin "ice sculpture". The other is a plaster column made from a plaster lathe and a diving board made of wood and plexi glass.
Collab Chair Redesign Contest - The challenge was to redesign Marcel Breuer's classic Wassily Chair. The competition asked for a modern take on the design of the chair.
I chose to design the chair using one piece of lazer cut metal The way it is bent forms the legs, arm rests, and back. Leather wrapped around parts of the frame to create support in the seat, back and arms.
Collab Chair Redesign Contest - The 1/4" scale model I fabricated illustrates the idea of "one continuous form" used in Breuer's origial chair.
Model Making
Blair Buchanan
Freelance Designer Moorestown, NJ