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This goatee shaving template is uniquely one of its kind in the world.
Packaging design, Illustrator, Photoshop
Blister insert was designed with SolidWorks with correct details for tooling.
All the parts were designed in SolidWorks.The factory was able to open tooling directly from my CAD files.
Adjustor mechanical design
Color options
First fully functional prototype. 3D printed parts were designed with SolidWorks, .
Three-buckle configuration allows for better adjustment of the goatee shape.
To template would have to be flexible to adjust the width. To free the hands and center the template, the design used a mouth piece for user to bite and hold.
The inventor, Scot Bonge, came to me with a wish list of functions. Since I don't have goatee, I produce this first concept trying to capture the intended function.

Goatee shaving template design for an original invention. Provided mechanical design solution and engineering for production ready product.

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Ben Ton
Industrial Design Development for Market Demand Solutions Los Angeles, CA