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Keyshot rendering
Mechanical problem solving for manufacturing feasibility
Surface modeling with Modo to sculpt the surfaces to flow according to design intension
In this image, I designed the handlebar system, chain cover and the bike's product language for Ironman brand.
The relationship between the components were well thought out. All the functions are conveniently placed.
Production unit is shown here. A new thinking in spin bike handlebar by combining console, tablet holder and bottle holder. This handlebar configuration provides a new level of comfort and convenience during exercise.
I design the graphic details in Illustrator. The images were rendered with Keyshot.
This is the image I prepared for the factory to express the important details of the design to prevent any miscommunication during the CAD file submission for making sample.
Parts and assembly method were well thought out and designed in SolidWorks for tooling and ease of manufacturing. Before finalize the CAD, I produced this image to show the factory my intention of an easy snap-on assembly.
This is the actual design communication I prepared. I called out the relevant details which client should know. The position of the console allows for a large popular phone to be below and not obstructing the console's buttons.
Detail of the knob for tooling. To better control the font placement, I used Rhino instead of SolidWorks to move and orient each letter precisely.
I used Rhino to design the look of an existing seat. This is a design details for the factory to make a sample. The image was rendered with Keyshot. AirSoft logo was designed with my art direction.
A working prototype made by China with my CAD files.
Mechanical design to show a spring loaded, retractable tablet holder.
I made this foam core mockup in 1 hour to show the size and how it could hold a phone or a tablet.
A plastic console concept with retractable tablet clamp.
I used Rhino to show the details of how to solve the problem of hiding the wires.
I visited the factory in China to consolidate the development. I took pictures and compose them like this to my record. The white plastic cover is a prototype made with my CAD file.
Chain cover concepts
Owner's manual was designed with Illustrator.
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Carton design with Illustrator. I work with production team to get correct production information to design a production ready print file for factory.
Spin Bike

• Aesthetic design
• Industrial design for ergonomic, production feasibility
• Part and assembly engineering. Tooling design
• Development management with stakeholders and manufacturers
• Visual material for marketing team

Ben Ton
Industrial Design Development for Market Demand Solutions Los Angeles, CA