Jordan D-Wade Concept - A fusion of the Jordan 13 and 23, both of which have Wade's number (3) in their name.
Nike P2 Sketch Concept - Concept for a Paul Pierce basketball shoe.
Adidas Sketch - Adidas basketball shoe sketch.
Jordan True Flight II Sketch - Sketch for a Jordan True Flight II shoe.
Garnett III inspired Kobe Sketch - Kobe Sketch with the colorway inspired by the Nike Garnett III.
Huarache Doodle - A quick huarache doodle that I brought into photoshop.
Zoom Transfer Sketch - A shoe that uses the same Air Transfer Tech as used in my LeBron VI design.
Nike Team USA Sketch - Sketch concept for a Team USA Basketball shoe ('08 Olympics)
And1 Cornering Mid II - Lightweight heel frame with ventilation slits. Midfoot support strap and ankle support strap with linear flex cutout. Inner booty construction.
Jordan XX3 Sketch - Old sketch based off of the description of the XX3 before it came out.
Nike BBall Sketch - First Sketch using photoshop...
Hyperdunk II Sketch - Taking a break from some running stuff...
Melo Fusion Design - A Melo Fusion shoe that combines all of Melo's shoes thus far into one.
Nike Zoomposite LF-A - Inspired by the Lexus LF-A concept car. Fomaposite heel counter, forefoot and ankle support, designed to be lightweight yet supportive. Screen mesh quarter vents. Translucent TPU heel counter, variable ankle lacing. Elastic Achilles pad.
Zoomposite Tape Up - A tape-model done for a previous version of the design.
Zoom LeBron VI Rendering - The shoe takes its inspiration from the king of the jungle, the lion. The shapes on the upper are inspired by lion's claws, and the outsole teeth are inspired by the teeth on a lion. The midfoot strap is designed to resemble a lion's mane.The shoe uses an air-transfer system I designed. The gas ("air") from the zoom unit in the insole is transfered via tubes into an ankle airbag during an ankle inversion, bringing the foot lower for more stability and preventing the ankle from further inverting.
LeBron VI Tapeup - Tapeup for the LeBron VI
Footwear Sketches
Ben Adams-Keane
Industrial Design Intern at tool, Inc. Product Design & Development Arlington, MA