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Supelco Brand Narrative — Rationale behind new tagline, "Solutions Within" (click to download PDF)
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Supelco Ad featuring new tagline and copy from brand narrative (click to download PDF). NOTE: I did not contribute to visual concepts for this ad or write the ad's copy.
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Supelco Brand Narrative & Tagline

Supelco, a flagship brand within Sigma-Aldrich's Analytical/Chromatography division, needed a tagline and, more importantly, a more defined brand identity overall. I served as the lead writer to create a solid brand narrative and tagline, "Solutions within." The brand narrative provided a concise, versatile reference for the Supelco brand's core qualities, allowing content developers and product managers to distinguish it in the market. Concepts and copy from this narrative were adapted for print and electronic communications, including the updated catalog, print ads, and the product page on Sigma's website.

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Ben Grant
Writer / Strategist / Researcher Springfield, MO