Awarepoint provided the team with all of the necessary internal components. Concepts were based on installation, service-ability, and Awarepoint's existing form language while minimizing the product footprint as much as possible.

Product description:
The Bed and Bay Sensor uses Awarepoint's ZigBee®-based infrastructure to route data from RTLS tags on patients, personnel and assets to the aware360°Platform. The sensor is part of a family of products that provides the greatest level of accuracy for patient and caregiver interactions, creating an interaction region around a bed or bay.

Designed while at MFD

>> Design Research
>> Concept Ideation
>> Mechanism Design
>> Model Making
>> Color, Material, Finish
>> 3D CAD
>> RP Management
>> Assembly
>> Human Factors
>> Photo Realistic Renderings
>> Client Presentations

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Benjamin Pritz
Sr. Industrial Designer Santa Cruz, CA