FLOAT FIT RACE production sample
Numerous prototypes were created to evaluate function, fit and human factors.
FLOAT FIT RACE with integrated MIPS LFL
FLOAT FIT production sample
Low end Fit System proto's
ERGO FIT production sample

For 2016 BELL overhauled all of their retention systems for the entire product line. A total of 3 fit systems were designed from the ground up: FLOAT FIT RACE, FLOAT FIT, & ERGO FIT.

The design process began with an in depth human factors study quickly followed up with numerous sketches to define a common design language and 3D printed models to test ergonomics and functionality. The FLOAT FIT RACE offers the most adjustment while the FLOAT FIT is the same minus the extra adjustment and design details. To lower costs common parts were shared between the two. ERGO FIT can be found in mid to low range price point models and offers a similar fit at a lower cost. I received 2 utility patents for this design.

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Benjamin Pritz
Sr. Industrial Designer Santa Cruz, CA