Early internal development sketches of brass components. The images on the right are similar products that have been opened to evaluate the different approaches taken to optimize the brass contact design.
S2C PassThru design sketch.
RP model


Awarepoint provided the team the basic product footprint. Concepts were based on installation, durability, service-ability, security, and Awarepoint's existing form language.

Product Description:
The S2C PASSTHRU ADAPTOR designed for AwarePoint is a medical grade power adaptor that allows the S2C sensor to operate without consuming the electrical outlet. The Passthru powers the S2C sensor, preserving the existing power outlets for other uses. The Passthru is completely passive, containing no active circuitry and screws directly into the outlet cover screw holes, providing a strong holding force that meets or exceeds the static and drop force holding requirements for hospital grade outlets.

Designed while at MFD

>> Design Research
>> Concept Ideation Sketches
>> 3D CAD
>> RP Management
>> Photo Realistic Renderings
>> Client Presentations

Benjamin Pritz
Sr. Industrial Designer Santa Cruz, CA