CES 2011 - One of 15 functional models designed and assembled for CES 2011.
Open scent cartridge


ScentScape™ is an innovative digital scent delivery system which provides the extra dimension of scent to gaming, entertainment and other consumer markets. Scent Sciences' technologies enriches the user experience by layering scents to enhance immersion and presence with unique delivery hardware, software and services. Simply connect the Plug-N-Play unit to any compatible PC or gaming console for an instant experience of sight, sound and smell.

Designed while at MFD

>> Design Research
>> Concept Ideation
>> Model Making
>> Color, Material, Finish
>> 3D CAD
>> RP Vender Management
>> Product Testing
>> Photo Realistic Renderings
>> Animations
>> Focus Group Experience
>> Client Presentations

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Benjamin Pritz
Sr. Industrial Designer Santa Cruz, CA