Japanese Style Chair

A group project design with fellow students Nick Krupka and Mike Perkins. Our goal was to design a chair that combines traditional Japanese style with a modern look and feel. We wanted a chair that would fit in the everyday Japanese living room. What we came up with was a design that incorporates traditional Japanese styles, such as low seat height and pagoda references, with the modern world. We looked for inspiration in Japanese couches which are often low to the ground. The chair has a minimalistic look with its simple shape. The slight reference to the Japanese pagoda is seen with the back rest and the supports. We added a surprise or “wow” factor with the integrated leg rest. This leg rest fits exactly under the chair. Overall this design accomplishes exactly what it is set out to do, creating a lounge chair that would fit perfectly in the Japanese living room.

Benjamin Rubinstein
Industrial Design Quakertown, PA