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Folio Front Cover - Front cover of stage 1 submission for Final Year Individual Design Project
Project Overview - Gives a description of the project contents.
Project Overview (cont.) - Describes each phase of the project.
Understanding Phase - Shows a summary of the key findings of the market analysis that was carried out in the Understanding Phase of the project.
Observe Phase - The storyboard depicts the interaction that takes place between the child and the car environment. This can help to reveal aspects of the design problem that were previously unknown or unclear.
Visualise and Predict Phase - 1. Create products that integrate safety, comfort and entertainment. This would be a range of products that add-on to the current car environment, improving the experience for the child.

2. Integrate with backseat:
Develop a design that covers the current backseat to provide the child with safety, comfort and entertainment.

3. Replacement backseat:
Redesign the entire backseat of the family car, while placing the focus on safety, comfort and entertainment for children.
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Final Year Project - Children in the Car
Ben McGinlay
Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland