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BBQ box

For this project we were asked to design a product for preparing food and which would be mobile. We came up the the idea for the BBQ-Box, as can be seen above, by looking for the right amount of comfort, while keeping in mind mobility.

The box houses a small stool, with the option for more. The stool gives the user two options on how to use the BBQ. One is where the BBQ is placed on the ground and the stool functions as a stool. The second option is placing the BBQ on top of the stool so the BBQ is easier to reach while standing. This is ideal for for example house parties or when barbecuing with larger groups.

The mobility part lies in the the compact design making it easy to transport. Straps are added to attach it to your bicycle.

Best part of the design might be the costs. Because the same mould can be used for the BBQ and the stools, cost are reduced. The different cuts are made by a laser, making either the stool or the BBQ.

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Benno Bas
freelance product / industrial designer Amsterdam, Netherlands