The fruit case open and closed. The freshness of the food is guaranteed by the silicone film that assures the hermetic closure of the case.
The back part of the case has a small hook that can be rotated. Once open, it can be used to hang the fruit case to the fridge shelves.
The case can be hanged under the vertical shelves (reversed position) or to the side shelves (vertical position). This way you can save space for more food in the fridge.
Fruit case

This product is designed to keep cut fruit and vegetables fresh. It's perfect for lemons, avocados, oranges but can also help for smelly food such as cheese or onions...
I added a smart innovation to this product: the terminal part of the container can be rotated and become a hanging system. Thanks to this system, the case can be fixed under the shelves or hung vertically to side containers. This way you can save space in your fridge and keep your food fresh longer, avoiding waste.

Bettina Di Virgilio
Product designer - Interaction designer Milano, Italy