Facebook Voting Campaign - St. Louis Area Foodbank

To win a $60,000 grant for the nonprofit, we had to secure more votes than several hundred other nonprofits throughout the country. Votes had to come from individual Facebook users on an independent website. Therefore, our strategy had to be social media-driven on various platforms that drove our audience to Facebook. Because the voting period was long - two weeks - we used a variety of marketing methods to keep the messaging fresh. We relied on our client stories and images, fun and shareable memes and fact-based, timely news that was relevant to our cause. We created a variety of graphics, and posted daily on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. We posted weekly on Instagram and Pinterest, and bi-weekly on our blog. We also canvassed our own volunteer center IRL, and used repeated email blasts via mailchimp. We were successful in winning the grant for the Foodbank in 2014.

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Bethany Prange
Social Media Strategist - Writer - Editor Saint Louis, MO