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Moments Book for CASA

As we considered ways and words that might inspire others to become an advocate for abused and neglected children, it dawned on me that there may be no one more inspiring than those who already doing the job.

That’s how the concept of the “Moments” campaign came to fruition.

We sent two questions to all our active CASA volunteers:

- What was the moment you realized you wanted to become a CASA volunteer?
- What was the moment you realized you were making an impact in the life of a CASA child or children?

I interviewed our volunteers over the phone, in person, or accepted their responses via email. Their words were overwhelming and inspiring.

Some advocates told short anecdotes about what first inspired them to volunteer, while others shared insights into what makes this the most powerful work they’ve done in their lives.

I edited their quotes, designed newspaper ads and other marketing collateral from the images, and compiled all the quote graphics into a 50-plus page book.

Bethany Prange
Social Media Strategist - Writer - Editor Saint Louis, MO