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Air Jordan 2012

The Air Jordan is not just the flagship product of the Jordan Brand; it is the flagship product of the entire basketball footwear industry. The Air Jordan for me has always been more than just a shoe, it is a product that is meant to inspire and aspire an integral lineage of footwear. Its performance features will trickled down and become the in-line qualities of the product line for seasons to come. In my opinion what is hurting the current Air Jordan game shoe is that its price-point keeps its construction methods too similar to the rest of the brands shoes and all of them virtually feature the same construction methods, sole unit features and materials; then what product is the flagship?

I set out to use, new to the footwear industry; manufacturing techniques that would allow the Air Jordan to return to a polarizing statement product by elevating it to a new price-point that is unattainable by many but creates an aspirational product for the brand and its consumers.

* Summer 2011

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Brett Golliff
Freelance Footwear Designer & Consultant Detroit, MI