The final scale model, of Exhibition space.
Top view of a model.
Entry into the exhibition space, which is like a tron cloth pieces which show negativity.
Exit of the exhibition space with a positive sign of YINYANG. to show that the you left all your negativity inside and leave the space with positive thoughts.
view of a inner space
Exhibition Space Design

This the the Exhibition space set up which is movable to any indoor or outdoor space. This set up is specially designed for any story which took place in the country, here i have put in the Delhi rape case protest exhibition which is for the people to learn that stop begin cruel and start begin human. It is inspired from the YIN-YANG Chinese symbol, where there is both side positive and negative side. Same i have implemented in my design where the enter in a negative at space and exit with the positive thought.

Bhavprita Zaveri
Product Designer Rajkot, India