site pictures
site pictures
entry of the space with a pebble road
beach shack or beach cabana
then a pool and sand place. where people and refresh and enjoy the office breaks and hangouts during nights.
benches for the people to site and chill
another side walk path for the people who wants to go in the food joint on the ground level.
render of the bench and the side walks
chairs and tables on the pool side
pool facing sitting with the planters on the wall
planted wall along the pool side
pool side
this is the front wall which falls on the road.
Real Space Design

This is a real-time site in Ahemadabad,India. Where we had to make a landscape design. And change the whole idea of a unusual space in the same existing space. So this place is a corporate building which has food joints on the ground level and rest it has all the offices. so i thought f giving a beach on the road side with all the beach theme plants, chairs, lights etc.

Bhavprita Zaveri
Product Designer Rajkot, India