Idealization and concept design of a Cruise Ship.
Cruise ship with the beach deck, and a collapsible deck in the middle of the ship which can be half over the water level and other under the water.
Top view of the cruise ship.
Marker Renders of Automotive
Marker Renders of Automotive
Design of Automotive solar panel car. (Perspective view)
Design of Automotive solar panel car. (Side view)
Automotive design of a solar panel. which is designed for a adventurous couple.
these is a Sports edition car ...
Airship designed for a Avenger character "HULK".
Designs of Airship
Transportation Design

This is the Transpiration studio, which has Airways, Waterways and Roadways.
1) Airway is made from (Blue foam)
2) Waterways is made from (Blue foam)
3) Roadways is made from (Transportation Clay material)

Bhavprita Zaveri
Product Designer Rajkot, India