Lips the Fish, Brooch - Created from a drawing using ArtCAM Jewelsmith and a CAD machine to carve it into wax. Cast and finished in sterling silver. If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please check out my etsy store at
Wampum Fish, Brooch - Handmade in silver with a prong setting holding a piece of wampum shell from Cape Cod.
Professor Filkan, the Calculus Professor, Brooch - Based on the "Design Your Own Alien" project from an Illustration class, Professor Filkan is made with sterling silver, polymer clay, and glass beads. If you are interested in this piece, please check out my store at Photograph by Damian VanCamp
Loose Braid Bracelet - Created by folding and sweat soldering strips of sterling silver together.
Ode to Magritte's Brick Wall, Brooch - A recreation of Rene Magritte's painting as a brooch using wood, copper, sterling silver, and enamel. If you are interested in this piece, please visit my etsy store at
Scroll Bracelets - Bracelets created as diary entries with a self-created hieroglyphic font. Made with paper, silver gel pen, and black marker.
14k Scallop Shell Cuff Bracelet - Made on commission from wax castings of a scallop shell and cast in 14K gold. 2007
Cowboy Pin - Hand fabricated with sterling silver.
Ballet Bracelet Series - Fabricated in sterling silver using piercing and forging techniques.
Bangle Bracelet - Sterling Silver hand forged with a raising hammer.
Hinge Bracelet - Handmade sterling silver bracelet utilizing hinges.
Sterling Silver Floral Hinged Bangle Bracelet - Handconstructed sterling silver bracelet featuring bezel set peridots and amethyst.
Bracelets and Brooches
Beth Humphrey
Jeweler, Sculptor, Painter, Artist Cape Cod, MA