Alien Me - Self-Portrait using earthenware clay.
Conch Shell - Seashell from the Risd Nature Lab hand sculpted in plasticene and then plaster cast.
Jungle Scene CD Case - CD Case made with pine wood. The jungle scene mural is painted with acrylic paint.
Candle Lantern - Lantern made from hand pierced aluminum and sewn together with brass wire.
Maine Quarter - Maine quarter domed, pierced, & mounted onto a wood ornament.
Massachusetts Quarter - The Massachusetts quarter hand pierced using a jewelers' saw.
Zanqua, the Sea Dragon - Based on a doodle, the sculpture is handmade from nickel pieced together with cold connections and spray painted blue.
Dragon - Handmade with polymer clay, glass beads, and a beach rock.
Phantom of the Operation - Self portrait in polymer clay done as post-surgery therapy.
Skull & Crossbones - Minature skull and crossbones made of polymer clay, antiqued with acrylic paint, and mounted on a wooden plaque.
Chess and Checkers Set - Each chess and checker piece is handmade from polymer clay and has its own place in the one of a kind wooden chess box.
Sandy's First Christmas - Commissioned christmas ornament portrait of client's dog. Made with polymer clay, glass beads, wire, and acrylic paint. 2008
Sterling Silver Leaf Keychain - A custom project while working at Designs By S&R (
Bronze Handshake Belt Buckle - A custom design while working at Designs By S&R (
Seashell Motorcycle - Seashells & Wood
Beth Humphrey
Jeweler, Sculptor, Painter, Artist Cape Cod, MA