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DEFINITION part TWO - Artwork and visualization I did for:

The What!? - Definition 7"
Emcees: Replife & Verbal Math
Production by: (2006 Emmy award nominee) Emmai & Spinnerty

Released Feb 11th 2009 worldwide on Trazmick Tecordings

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I Feel An Urge part 2 - Mixtape (CD) cover for San Francisco DJ's Hopper and Spinnerty for the second installation of the I Feel an Urge series.
+ The mix is contemporary artists that record in the style and sound of original funk and soul artists, the concept for the cover was to communicate that passing of the torch graphically.
I Feel An Urge part 2 - Quick Sketch comp of idea that help lead to the final.
Scientific Illustration - Illustration to accompany a scientific paper describing new methods of nano fabrication.
Nano-dots - Illustration of nano-scale dots on the surface of a silicon wire (new technique of fabricating small particles) created to accompany a scientific paper describing this new process.
Graphics and Illustration
Ricky Biddle
industrial designer Kalamazoo, MI